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5 reasons why brand logo design is important

by Team Brimbus

brand logo design

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What is a logo?

You might have seen various types of logo designs that would have intrigued you or those that are still embedded in your mind. A brand logo design is an essential element of visual branding which serves as a unique symbol that captures the essence of a company. This visual representation is carefully designed to be easily recognised and also stay in the memories of anyone who sees it. Logos can be simple and minimalistic or have detailed illustrations to convey a message and evoke emotions. It is made up of unique colour schemes, typography and graphic elements that are associated with the company. Logos play an important role in marketing and brand identity that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the customers. The brand logo design gives a summary of what the brand stands for, making it a valuable component for any company or brand.

Characteristics of a good logo:

Now what are the characteristics of a logo that make it a good logo? 

  • Simplicity: When a logo is simple and easily recognisable it can become a strong and best logo design. Anyone should be able to understand at a glance even if the online logo design is scaled down or displayed in various contexts. 
  • Memorability: Logos are designed to be memorable and can leave a lasting impression on the customers. The colours and the fonts should immediately stick to people’s memory and they should feel the association with the brand.
  • Timelessness: A good brand logo design is timeless and does not have to rely on current design trends. Its relevance and appealing nature will help it stay in the memories of people for many years and this can help in avoiding the need for frequent redesigning.
  • Versatility: A well-designed stylish logo design should work across various mediums and applications. It should be visually appealing in both print and digital formats. A logo design should be able to adapt to various sizes without losing its integrity.
  • Uniqueness and Meaning: The unique brand logo design will not have similarities with other logos and this helps in preventing confusion. You can create an online logo design that consists of hidden meaning or symbolism that resonates with your brand’s story. This can also add depth to your logo design.
  • Consistency: A brand logo design should maintain consistency in its design elements, such as colour, typography and proportions to create a unique brand identity.
  • Adaptability: You should create a logo that works in various colour variations, including black and white, and backgrounds to make sure that it easily adapts.
  • Legibility: It is always good to ensure that the texts included in a stylish logo design are easily readable and the font chosen should be appropriate for the brand’s identity.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Finally, the brand logo design should be aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing. It is important to create an aesthetically appealing online logo design to draw people in and make them want to learn more about the brand.

The best logo design will have a striking balance between all these characteristics, which will effectively represent the brand while remaining adaptable and memorable to its target audience.

Types of Brand Logo Designs:

There are various types of brand logo design styles to bring out the diverse needs and preferences of your company. Some common types of logo designs that you can craft based on your company’s theme are,

  • Wordmark: A brand logo design that consists of text is called a wordmark. They typically consist of the brand name, styled in a visually appealing way. Some famous examples are Coca-Cola and Disney logos.
  • Symbol or Icon: You can create a digital logo design using a distinctive symbol or icon without adding any text. Apple logo is a good example of this type.
  • Combination Mark: This combines both text and symbol/icon. This will help the brand to be recognised by both name and visual elements. A good example would be Adidas.
  • Emblem: Emblem logos often resemble badges or seals. This consists of a brand name and symbol within a single cohesive shape. If you have noticed Starbucks, they use an emblem logo.
  • Abstract or Pictorial mark: A web design logo can be created using abstract shapes or images to represent the brand. They are usually visually intriguing and open to interpretation.
  • Minimalist: If you are someone who likes to keep things simple then you can go with minimalistic logos. These logos will not have any unnecessary details and this will help in creating a clean and elegant design. These are very popular in modern branding.
  • Vintage or retro: Vintage logos are inspired by design styles from the past which brings out nostalgia and a sense of timelessness. Vintage brand logo design is used for establishing a classic image.
  • Geometric: Geometric logos consist of shapes, lines and patterns which create a distinctive and visually appealing design.
  • Hand-drawn or Custom logo design: You can create a hand-drawn or custom illustration to help the brand have a unique identity. Custom logo designs help a brand stand out well in the competitive market.

It is important that your brand logo design aligns with the goals of the company and along with that the preference of the target audience and the industry trends must be taken into consideration. The choice of brand logo design depends on the brand’s personality and the message that the brand wants to convey.

5 reasons why a logo design is important

1. Instant brand recognition:

A brand being recognised is an important factor in the creation of brand logo design. In the current world, customers are overloaded with various advertisements, information and visual stimuli. Among all this, a logo should be able to effectively help the brand stand out in this collective consciousness. The best logo design helps a company to stand out and be recognised in the market. This instant recognition of logos can be powerful as it not only captures the attention of the customers but also creates a strong and enduring impression. To add on, instant brand recognition simplifies the decision-making process for customers as they develop a sense of familiarity and trust which leads them loyal customers. This trust is built over time with the positive experience they have with the brand which also triggers a positive association with the brand. This can be a plus side for the brands as brand recognition can act as a catalyst for word-of-mouth referrals.

2. Connects with customers:

Building a connection with customers is an important factor in the creation of logo designs and this can be of great value in brand development. Your brand logo design should establish a profound and emotional connection with your customers. The colours, shapes and imagery that are there in your logo design will bring out the brand’s personality, values and missions which helps in establishing a connection with your customers on a deeper level. In a competitive marketplace, where customers have various options, a logo that connects with the customer will be the one that might stand out better. This connection can lead the customers to build loyalty. Your digital logo design will bring out the emotional resonance with your target audience which also lays a foundation for establishing a lasting relationship. In short, connecting with customers through company logo design is not only about aesthetics but also about establishing a powerful channel for meaningful relationships that extend far beyond the visual.

3. Builds trust:

The foundation of any brand loyalty is trust. This trust can be established through well-designed logos. A logo serves as a visual testament to a brand’s credibility and reliability. A well-crafted brand logo design will convey a straight message to the audience; it signals that a brand takes its image seriously and that they are there to provide high-quality products or services. When customers come across such logos, it creates a sense of assurance that their engagement with these brands will be a positive and trustworthy experience. But if a logo is poorly constructed then customers might have a negative impact towards the brand. This can also lead to questioning of the brand’s quality. A logo is not just a symbol, it is a visual promise to the customers and it forms the basis of an unspoken agreement between the brand and the customers. If the brand manages to establish the quality through the logo it can lead to building trust among customers, loyalty and positive word of mouth recommendations. A logo that builds trust is a reflection of a brand’s commitment to its audience and can also build a fruitful relationship with the customers.

4. Memorability:

How much ever a brand stands out, if they are not remembered by its customers later then the brand’s value might go down. A brand logo design plays a crucial role for the brand to be memorable. This ability of the logo is what distinguishes it from being just another visual element and transforms into a lasting symbol that stays imprinted in people’s memory. People tend to remember images more than words. To give an example everyone remembers the golden arches of McDonald’s and the bitten apple of the Apple company and this is because of its simplicity. These simple logos help people to easily remember and recall. A memorable logo can be created through the combination of colour palettes and unique visual elements. And it should be remembered that it is not just about the image but also how well the logo can connect with the audience. The memorability of the logo and the brand can also evoke a sense of trust and loyalty.

4. Your Audience notices first:

Any type of shopping you do, be it online shopping or in-store shopping, your attention always first goes to something that is catchy and attractive. For this reason, it is important to create a logo design that can catch the attention of people and build curiosity in them to know more about the brand. Your brand logo design is the initial point of contact between your brand and your audience. It is the visual aesthetics that grab the attention of potential customers, sparking their curiosity and interest. Some logos like Google and Apple are specifically designed to be visually attractive to the audience. As we discussed earlier when a customer sees a logo they recognise, it immediately triggers a sense of familiarity and trust which is good for building brand loyalty. The first impression through your logo can also set the tone of how your audience perceives a brand. A well-crafted logo can set a positive tone and a lasting impression on the audience. In short, the logo sets the stage for the whole experience. This is the start of a journey that can lead to brand recognition, trust and loyalty and that is why it is crucial to have a well-designed logo.

Even though brand logo design can seem like a small image for your brand it has a huge impact on how your customers view your brand. So while crafting a logo it is important to consider all the factors that go into building a logo. Understand your audience and also the values your brand holds and start creating a lasting impression through your logo.

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