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8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Graphic Design Agency in Bangalore

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As a business or a brand, you wouldn’t want anything to go haywire with your marketing, especially when it involves attracting your audience. But sometimes things don’t just work out the way we want, especially when it comes to designs. 

Designs have always been one of the most integral parts of businesses- not only online but also offline. Therefore, it is extremely important to partner with a reliable graphic design agency in Bangalore like Brimbus Branding

But is it always that you find the best one? Not really. 

In the initial stages, a lot of companies often make the basic mistake of hiring a graphic design company that doesn’t seem to fit in their requirements at all. Irrespective of what the reason is, not hiring a good graphic design agency in Bangalore can take a major hit on your business. 

If you don’t want to fall in the pit of hiring an unreliable designer and end up losing your money, there are certain important steps you need to take care of. This article will help you explore some of the common mistakes to avoid while hiring graphic design firms. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Graphic Design Agency in Bangalore

The top graphic design companies always make it a point to deliver the best to their clients, not only in terms of visual appeal, but also in respect to driving revenue. However, sometimes the businesses may end up hiring graphic design agencies that do not cater to either of these. So, keep an eye for these mistakes and make sure that you dodge them on time and save your business against any major loss. 

Hence, some of the mistakes you need to avoid while hiring any graphic design firm for your business include:

Hiring Without Checking Out the Portfolio

You may often come across agencies who say that they don’t have a portfolio but have a great experience in the market. That’s a major red flag to avoid. 

Would you buy a product without having a visual sense of it? No. Similarly, you should not work with a graphic design agency in Bangalore without knowing the type of work they do. 

A portfolio is one of the biggest testament of their quality of work, the clients they have worked with, feedback from the clients and so much more. Each small detail mentioned in the portfolio is of great value, so you must always make sure to ask them to provide you with their portfolio. 

Big agencies usually have a wide range of clients whom they have worked with across different industries. If they can’t provide you the portfolio, it is advisable to ask them about the clients and industry they have worked in. This can provide you a basic idea of whether they have worked in a similar industry as yours or not. 

Having a basic idea about their work is extremely crucial especially if you want to hire a reliable graphic design agency that aligns with your goals.

Not Knowing What You Want

This may appear a little odd, but a lot of business owners often do not know what they want. Thus, jumping into hiring a graphic designer for your business without an idea of what you expect will only bring about downfall. 

First, you need to understand why do you want the graphic design:

  • Do you wish to sell your products?
  • Do you want to attract the attention of your users?
  • Do you want to differentiate from the competitors?
  • Do you want to visually attract your customers?

Answer these questions to yourself and then move on to hire a graphic designer. It is crucial to have a clear idea about your expectations, who your target audience is and what they expect from you. 

Being clear about your goals from the initial stage will allow you to focus more and choose the right designer. In the initial stages, you need to have a basic idea of what you want which is why you need to do some research. See what your customers are doing, what are the functionalities, aesthetics and appearances of their website. Once you have a basic idea of what you want, hire a graphic design agency in Bangalore and discuss with them about your requirements in regards to your research.

Not Defining the Scope of Work

When you’re hiring a graphic design agency in Bangalore, you need to tell them about your expectations. Not defining your scope of work from the beginning can be extremely challenging. In fact, it will prevent you from achieving your goals. 

The graphic design agency in Bangalore you hire will not be aware of your goals, brand mission and values. You need to inform them about these during your initial meetings. Not being clear about these basic guidelines would give the agency the liberty to do anything they want. As a result, they may create something that you may not like. 

Always remember, your time is valuable and so is that of the agency’s. Thus, being thorough in communication from the very beginning plays a key role in avoiding conflicts.

When you discuss with your designers what your expectations are, it will ensure that both of you are on the same page. As a result, the work will become extremely smooth and seamless for you. 

If you have specific brand guidelines and instruction manuals, provide them to the graphic design agency in Bangalore. As a result, the graphic design firms may follow those instructions and prepare the designs accordingly for both, online and offline use.

Not Doing Competitor Research

Even when you have an idea about what you want, it is still advisable to conduct competitor research. The lack of competitor research is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid while you’re hiring a graphic design agency in Bangalore.

Most of the brands and business owners jump into hiring a design without doing competitor research. Performing competitor research can give you an idea about what you want. Therefore, you’ll be able to guide your designer better on what you want. 

Competitor research is one of the best ways to get references. Once you connect with the graphic designers, you need to discuss the references too. After all, when you have references, the work becomes easier. Moreover, you and the graphic design agency in Bangalore will be able to ensure that you’re both on the same page and get the work done easily.

Going With the Cheapest Option

When it comes to hiring a graphic design company, you may start searching for a ‘graphic design agency near me’. Once all the options start popping up, you may want to go with the cheapest option. Well, it is advisable to not go for the cheapest option available. 

Although you have to be careful with your investments, it is important that you avoid going with the cheapest. After all, the cheapest may not always be the best. 

Going with the cheapest option often means that the designs will look almost similar to your competitors. Eventually, there will be no differentiation which can affect your brand reputation.

It is your brand and you need to choose experts that align with your brand. You don’t want to appear the same as others, right? Opting for the cheapest can make you the same without adding any brand value.

Avoiding Social Proof

A lot of graphic design firms would make big claims about their service, but you shouldn’t trust them without getting social proof. Social proof plays an important role in backing up their claims.

Whenever you partner with a graphic design agency in Bangalore, make sure to check reviews from their previous customers and clients. If any agency refuses to provide their customer testimonials or case studies, do not work with them. A reliable graphic design agency in Bangalore not only has their documents ready, but often tends to provide even before they are asked for. 

Asking for social proof helps to understand that all the claims that are made are legitimate. The social media channels of the graphic design agency in Bangalore can be one of the best ways to also get an insight into these factors. From the social proof, you can get a clarity of whether they have worked in the similar industry as yours or not. 

Hiring Without Meeting

Going by the words may be important, but you can’t just blindly trust everything they say. Thus, when it comes to hiring a graphic design agency in Bangalore, you should hire only after conducting a meeting.

One of the most common mistakes that many brands make is hiring without an in-person or online meeting. Even when you have checked their work, make sure to conduct a meeting for the compatibility test.

The discovery call that you connect upon with the graphic design company can play an important role in understanding compatibility. It helps you get an idea about their work schedule, their approach to designing and also their communication. You wouldn’t want to work with someone who doesn’t maintain transparency in communication.

When you conduct a meeting, you can also communicate freely. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that they ask the right questions. This can be extremely important for explaining the brand vision, and guidelines. The primary goal of the meeting should be that the graphic design agency in Bangalore understands your business goals and you both are on the same page. 

Not Discussing the Budget

You should not hire any graphic design agency in Bangalore without discussing the budget. It is crucial that you discuss the budget in the initial stages. Since you’re hiring a graphic design agency, you need to discuss with them if they will charge on a per project basis or hourly basis. 

The best graphic design agency in Bangalore also offers packages for their graphic design services wherein they provide a wide range of services. Often these package details are mentioned on their website only. If the package details aren’t available on the website, make sure that you discuss it in detail with the service provider. 

It is advisable to discuss the package details and costs to get an idea of how much they’re charging for a particular service. It helps you get an idea of cost breakdown thereby avoiding the risk of paying extra. Any company who maintains comprehensive transparency in their budget will surely not add any haphazard tasks. 

Moreover, make sure that the terms and conditions of the budget are clear from the initial stages itself. This plays an important role in avoiding any conflict. You may also discuss with the graphic design agency in Bangalore to inform you in case any ad hoc or additional cost comes up in the future. This can be one of the best ways to be on the same page and get the best service. 

How to Avoid Getting Scammed While Hiring a Graphic Design Agency?

Once you make up your mind about hiring a graphic design agency in Bangalore, it is important to prevent the signs of being scanned. There are certain red flags that you need to look into so that you can avoid on time.

Some of the key tips that can protect you against getting scammed by the graphic design agency include the following:

Use of Too Much Jargons

Some of the design agencies would use a lot of jargon that would just appear difficult for you to understand. If you’re facing any such situation with the designer, make sure to avoid them. The graphic design agency in Bangalore that uses too much jargon is nothing but bad news. 

A good graphic design agency in Bangalore is someone who will show what they’ve done rather than just boasting. As someone who is not into design, it is common for you to not understand certain brand lingos. Therefore, if someone is throwing too many jargons at you, avoid them. They will probably scam you. 

No Result-Oriented Discussions

You need someone who clearly communicates what is going on or what would happen. A designer that provides a vague explanation and not a detailed one probably wouldn’t bring in a lot of benefits for you. 

Rather than providing vague description and explanation, the expert should make it a point to offer goal oriented discussions. They should talk in numbers and explain how their design would help you achieve your goal. Such discussions offer a clarity of discussion which can be extremely beneficial for you in the long run. 

They're not Helpful

When you’re working with a graphic design agency in Bangalore, you expect them to be helpful for you. However, if someone refrains from helping you, especially in your times of need, they wouldn’t do any positive for your business. This can eventually lead to a negative impact for the business. 

A design agency who doesn’t understand your problems will never be helpful. In fact, they will not even come up with a possible solution for your business. Isn’t that bad news? When you hire such designers, you’d be left stranded nowhere. 

They're Not Asking Questions

One of the easiest ways to understand if the graphic designer is trying to scam you or not is to check if they’re asking questions. A reliable graphic design agency in Bangalore will make it a point to ask questions related to your brand, the type of design you will need, areas you will use the design and so on. 

Any designer that does not extend the lending hand for asking questions is probably not going to be helpful. If they do not ask questions, it may be time that you change your graphic designer. After all, a designer must know your brand in and out so that they can craft designs that bring in results. 

How to Avoid Graphic Design Hiring Mistakes in Bangalore?

Now that you’re aware of the red flags and mistakes, there are certain ways through which you can avoid these mistakes too while hiring a graphic design agency in Bangalore. Thus, some of the common ways through which you can avoid the mistakes are as follows:

  • Do your research: Never miss out on doing your research, especially when you want to get your hands on hiring the graphic design agency in Bangalore. Make sure that you conduct a thorough research about them. 
  • Provide information: When you’re in the initial discussion phase with the design agency, make sure to provide them enough information about the project. The more you keep them informed, the easier it will be for them to start and complete the project. 
  • Guide them: Once the graphic design agency begins the work, it is important that you guide them. Offering them a little bit of help can make their work easier and ensure that they meet your demands. Moreover, they will also be able to deliver high quality work.

Wrapping Up

A reliable graphic design agency in Bangalore can cater to all your business needs. Being experts in their field, they will contribute to your demands and craft high quality work. It is crucial that you stay in touch from the initial stages and keep them informed about everything. Maintaining clarity of information in the quality of work can be of great help especially in regards to delivering the best work while catering to your business demands. 

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